After obtaining your PPL, you may wish to continue your training further so you may work in the aviation industry. To do this, you will need a Commercial Licence (CPL).

This is a much higher standard of flying than that required for the Private licence, so you will need to bring your A-game.

To qualify for the Commercial Licence, you will need to build your hours up by flying privately first. A minimum of 70 command (solo) hours is required, 20 hours of which must be spent flying cross-country.

There is further dual training required, approximately another 20 hours, before you will be ready for your commercial flight test. You need at least 150 hours of total flying time before you can hold a CPL.

Upon completion of the CPL Flight Test, you will be licenced to fly for money within Australia.

There are 7 more theory exams to complete while you train for your CPL. These can be done at your own pace and all must be completed within 24 months from when you sit the first exam. These exams must be completed before your flight test.

With a CPL, you will be legally allowed to fly for profit. Depending on who you work for, you will then move up the ranks and start flying larger, more sophisticated aircraft on more complicated operations and routes.




approximate total cost of $59,000


involving 150 hours of flying. This cost includes the cost for RPL and PPL.


If you wish to fly for an airline, then you will require an Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATPL). This is something you train for – when you have the correct amount of hours (minimum of 1500) and have completed the necessary theory exams (another 7 exams), then you will “tick over” to an ATPL. This will allow you to fly as pilot-in-command of large passenger-carrying aircraft in regular public transport operations.