Cessna 172XP VH-SPW

Based on the Cessna 172. The XP (extra performance) or otherwise known as Cessna R172K is a step up in performance from its closest relative. The 172XP is a 6 Cylinder, 200HP aircraft with a constant speed propeller. There are slight cosmetic differences between the standard 172 and the XP

VH-SPW is maintained in charter category and is certified for IFR.

A copy of the Pilots Operating Handbook for this aircraft is available by clicking the link below.

A copy of the North Queensland Aero Club company approved checklists are available by clicking the link below.

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General Characterstics VH-SPW

Seating Capacity 1 Pilot & 3 Passengers
Length 8.28m
Height 2.72m
Wingspan 11.0m
Basic Empty Weight 670kg
Maximum Take off Weight 1043kg
Useful Load 363kg

Performance Characteristics VH-SPW

Engine Continental IO-360K
Horsepower 195 BHP @ 2700 RPM
Cylinders Six
Propeller 3 blade Hartzell Constant Speed
Take off Roll
Take off Safety Speed  62 knots
Vx (Best Angle of Climb)
Vy (Best Rate of Climb) 73 knots
Vso (Stall Speed Clean) 48 Knots
Vs1 (Stall Speed Landing Configuration)
Cruise Speed 120 Knots
Service Ceiling 13,500 feet
Fuel Burn 38 litres / hour
Fuel Capacity 186 Litres
Fuel Type Aviation Gasoline 100LL
Maximum Range 750 Nautical Miles

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