Jabiru J160D 24-8315

Our Jabiru aircraft is currently undergoing repairs.

The Jabiru aircraft corporation was founded by Rodney Stiff in the 1980s. Over time the company has developed a number of light sport aircraft including the J120, J160, J170, J230 and J430.

The NQAC operate a J160D as it is best suited to the conditions of North Queensland.

General Characteristics 24-8315

Seating Capacity1 Pilot & 1 Passenger
Basic Empty Weight313kg
Maximum Take off Weight650kg
Useful Load337kg

Performance Characteristics 24-8315

EngineJabiru Aircraft 2200
Horsepower80 BHP @ 2800RPM
Propeller2 blade composite scimitar fixed pitch
Take off Roll221 metres
Take off Safety Speed
Vx (Best Angle of Climb)
Vy (Best Rate of Climb)
Vso (Stall Speed Clean)40 Knots
Vs1 (Stall Speed Landing Configuration)49 knots
Cruise Speed110 Knots
Service Ceiling14,000 feet
Fuel Burn15 litres / hour
Fuel Capacity
Fuel TypeAviation Gasoline 100LL
Maximum Range850 Nautical Miles

A copy of the pilots operating handbook relating to this aircraft can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

A copy of the NQAC company approved checklist for this aircraft is available by clicking the link below:

A copy of the performance charts for this aircraft are available by clicking the links below:

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