Mark learnt to fly with NQAC in the first year he started his teaching career in Cairns in 1976. This was a vibrant period for the Club, and at the time there was a busy ground school and Mark took the opportunities available to gain constant speed, retractable, twin, tailwheel and aerobatic endorsements.

Following work transfers to the Darling Downs and Brisbane Mark and his family moved to Cooktown and purchased a Piper Apache that we used as our ‘4WD’ to escape the wilds of what was quite a remote area at the time. As family circumstances changed the plane was sold and his flying had a hiatus until our teenage daughter Mellory took up flying and encouraged me to re-activate my licence.

Although she would deny it, Mark’s very supportive wife Ann encouraged Mellory and Mark’s collective passion for flight and without too much encouragement Mellory started researching for a suitable family plane. The family settled on the Cherokee 6, which is a joy to fly and it is a delight to see Mellory’s experience and confidence grow through the opportunities it brings.

Mark is passionate about education and flying, and with his formal educational background and experience Mark is committed to supporting our CFI Sally to re-establish the theory classes to ensure that our student pilots have a smooth pathway to their licence, and to help put collegiality and fun back into the process of preparing for and passing theory exams.