Sally was born and raised in Newcastle and Sydney before moving to Far North Queensland with her family in 1990.  Sally learnt to fly at the NQAC in 1992 whilst still at school, and in late 1993 after completion of Year 12 started working in the office at the NQAC.  Obtaining a commercial pilots licence in late 1995, she continued to work for the NQAC in the office and also doing charter work and scenics.  A couple of years later, a chance conversation with the then CFI of the NQAC lead her to do something she never intended on doing, an Instructor Rating.   Sally has continued to work for the NQAC, now as CFI/Chief Pilot and testing officer and has been in that role for well over a decade.  Teaching people to fly has become her life.  She also enjoys travelling and has a small cattle property in Mareeba that keeps her busy on her weekends however resides in Cairns during the week.

Sally also chairs the Flight Training Panel, which is an advisory panel of industry representatives and members of the CASA. The NQAC is fortunate to have Sally’s wealth of knowledge and experience on board

Phone: 07 40922043