Do you have an RA-Aus Pilot Certificate but want to move over to GA? Well we can help you get your RPL and if you wish, continue your training with RPL endorsement or through to a PPL and beyond.

The process is quite simple and and we are there with you the whole way, providing any revision or remedial training you need before conducting your Aircraft Flight Review. Give us a call to discuss your experience and we can start training straight away.

We have a number of aircraft suitable for this training which, once you hold a current RPL, you can privately hire to see beautiful Far North Queensland!

The Steps to converting from an RA-Aus Pilot Certificate to an RPL

Step 1: Apply for the RPL through the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. You will need to provide evidence as required by CASA. When granted, your new RPL will come to you WITHOUT a current aircraft flight review, you cannot use your RPL until you have completed an Aircraft Flight Review. For any questions regarding this process please contact the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Step 2: Training to RPL standard as required. The amount of remedial training required to progress you to an RPL standard generally depends upon your personal experience flying RA-Aus aircraft and your currency.

Step 3: Aircraft Flight Review. Your AFR can be completed with the NQAC once we believe you have reached an RPL standard. The AFR involves both a theory and flying component. Once your AFR is complete you can privately hire NQAC aircraft and fly with instructor authorisation, within a 25 nautical mile range from the departure aerodrome, with passengers, by day only and in appropriate weather conditions.