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Remote Area Training

Learnt to fly in suburbia?

Have you learnt to fly in a place where all your landings are on paved runways or at regional airports?

North Queensland lends itself to some of the best areas for further developing your flying skills. The opportunity to land and take off on many different types of runway surfaces, coupled with the tropical weather patterns and mountainous terrain provide perfect foundations for this skill enhancing training course.


What you will learn

  • Operation on Grass, Dirt, Gravel and Paved Airstrips

  • The effects of Density Altitude

  • Flying in the vicinity of Mountainous Terrain

  • Remote Refuelling (Refuelling from Drums)

  • Understanding Tropical weather patterns

  • Navigation in remote areas and handling GPS or Instrument failures

  • Using the HF Radio

About the Course

Course Duration:

Two Days


On Demand


One on One or Group


Cessna 182, or Cessna 206

Flight Time:

5 Hours

Briefing Time:

2 - 3 Hours


Where you will fly

Day 1*:
  1. Mareeba (YMBA) - Bitumen

  2. Atherton (YATN) - Grass

  3. Mt Garnet (YMRT) - Dirt

  4. Dimbulah (YDIM) - Gravel

  5. Mareeba (YMBA) - Bitument

Day 2*:
  1. Mareeba (YMBA) - Bitumen

  2. Chillagoe (YCGO) - Bitumen

  3. Wrotham Park (YWMP) - Dirt

  4. Mareeba (YMBA) - Bitumen

*Subject to weather and operational availability


Hours & Cost

Remote Area Training


*Involves approximately 5 hours flying plus 2 hours briefings, landing at 5 bush strips.

Your aviation career is cleared for takeoff

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