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About the NQAC

The North Queensland Aero Club is Far North Queensland’s oldest, premier flight training school, scenic operator and light aircraft charter company. The NQAC has been part of the exciting journey of many aviators for 70 years. Our team of expert, friendly instructors and office staff are willing to assist you in any way possible to help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to fly recreationally, privately or commercially, our team will help you make those dreams a reality. It is never too late to realise your dream of flying. Perhaps you would prefer to take a spectacular scenic flight around the Atherton Tablelands, the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest, or even make that appointment out in the bush today, we can help with that.

Our fleet consists of 6 aircraft. 3 Cessna 172's, 1 Cessna 182, 1 Cessna 206 and a Piper PA28-180. We also have a Piper Cherokee 180 online fitted with hand controls for wheel chair bound students.


The North Queensland Aero Club operates from the Mareeba Aerodrome on the picturesque Atherton Tablelands. A short 45 minute drive from Cairns, or 22 nautical miles and 10 minutes by air.

Why choose the NQAC?


We're a school with personalised one-on-one Training.


We're a school based in a tropical environment, where you experience many different weather patterns.


We're a school that operates 362 days of the year.


We're a school where Navigation exercises takes you to stunning outback Queensland locations.


We're a school that has been training pilots for over 70 years.


We're a school only minutes away from Class C International Airspace.

The North Queensland Aero Club employs three full time Instructors and two part time Instructors. Flight Tests are conducted in house by our Flight Examiner. The collective experience of our instructing team spans over fifteen thousand flying hours and more than 25 years in the industry. The smaller, clubhouse feel means you get a learning experience tailored to your exact needs, with dedicated one on one training. 2023 marks 30 years of service for our Head of Operations and 20 years in the role of HOO.


In 2024 the NQAC will celebrate its 75th year of operation and remains one of the only aero clubs in Australia that still operates as a professional flying school as well as a social venue for its members.


Our Members and Sponsors



"NQAC has seen me through a GFPT, PPL and CPL conversion. The instructors have always been highly professional, safe and knowledgeable. Flying in the tropics provides a unique, challenging and rewarding experience as does navigating through the remote North Queensland region with the added practice of operating out of a busy Class C international airport. With guidance from the NQAC instructors you will find your navigation and meteorology skills superior to those who have flown exclusively in built up areas in the higher latitudes of Australia. The NQAC has a well maintained fleet of aircraft, friendly staff and a welcoming clubhouse which has a great view of the airfield. Learning to fly alongside the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest and remote Australian Outback is a normal day flying with the NQAC.
NQAC employed me upon completion of my CPL on a casual basis providing scenic and charter flights which has allowed me to build those valuable hours and experience. This was also followed up by other aviation related employment possibilities. I have flown with many other flying schools in Australia and overseas and have found that the quality of instructors is second to none. The club has a long history in aviation and you will not regret flying with them."

Alex C.


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