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Mareeba Facility

A guide to flying with the North Queensland Aero Club

Mareeba Aerodrome is approximately 22nm west of Cairns International Airport. During World War II Mareeba Airfield was known as Hoevet Field and there is quite a bit of history relating to the airfield. Mareeba aerodrome is maintained to the standards required by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority by Mareeba Shire Council.

Mareeba offers many benefits to students, value for money being one of them. The ability to train outside controlled airspace allows for more time to focus on the lesson you are undertaking and gives you more time in the air due to reduced air traffic.

Mareeba aerodrome is 1560 feet above sea level, and offers a different climate to Cairns. Visitors to the Mareeba Aerodrome may have the privilege of watching aircraft from a bygone era grace the skies, as North Queensland Warbirds operate their fleet of warbirds from the Mareeba Aerodrome.

If you are interested in learning to fly, Mareeba has a lot to offer. Register your interest by contacting our office on 07 4092 2043 or email

Your aviation career is cleared for takeoff

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