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NQAC has a large number of members, both for social and flying events. If you’re going to learn to fly, we recommend that you join as a member to get the maximum benefit from the discounted aircraft hire rates. If you wish to frequent the bar and get involved in the club’s activities, but not actually fly, then a social membership is for you. We also offer Junior Membership rates for our younger members!

So why become a member of the NQAC? Members benefits include:

  • Reduced aircraft hire rates of $25 per hour.

  • Can undertake advanced flying training at reduced rates (MPPC, Instrument ratings etc.)

  • Private Hire of the NQAC’s fleet of 6 aircraft.

  • Access to professional instructors 7 days a week.

  • Monthly Members Update Newsletter.

  • Get updates on legislation and rule changes.

  • Can purchase maps, pilot supplies, ERSA’s etc at discounted rates.

  • Aviation supply discounts on consumables, textbooks, pilot gear and much more.

  • Access to information seminars on airworthiness and safety.

  • Theory courses on a wide range of subjects from initial RPL training to advanced training.

  • Invitations to all club flying and social events.

  • All club social events including Wings Night Celebrations.

  • Have a common aviation meeting place with kitchen facilities including tea and coffee always available.

  • Access to all club facilities.

  • You will be a part of a flying institution that has been operating for over 70 years.

Flying Membership - Renewal

For people who hold or are training for a Flight Crew Licence and are a current member renewing their membership.


per year

Pay for your membership quickly and easily using the button below!


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