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Need to get somewhere quick?

If you need to go somewhere off the beaten path, and there’s a serviceable airstrip there, we’ll take you.


We offer very reasonable rates with exemplary service.

We have aircraft of varying sizes available to take up to 3 passengers to almost anywhere within Queensland, and also interstate.


Charter Types

We have solutions to accommodate most situations:

  • Transporting builders or building materials to remote locations.

  • Transporting tradespeople to remote locations.

  • Transporting urgent spare parts to cattle stations.

  • The only form of access to regional centres during flood periods.

  • Transporting valuers to complete appraisals in remote locations

  • A quick way to get to a rodeo or race meeting in the bush

  • To visit unique parts of Australia as part of your holiday

Please note: Safety is important to us, so if it is raining or your destination is experiencing bad weather, we may need to re-schedule.

Charter Quote Request

Do you have a requirment to use a twin engine aircraft?

We'll have you on your way in no time!

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