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Overseas Licence Conversions

Coming to live or work downunder?

It is not uncommon for licence holders to do a Licence conversion from an internationally issued licence to an Australian Licence.


There are a number of steps which must be completed before making bookings with the school to complete the conversion.


Overseas Licence Conversion Requirements

The following are requirements when converting your overseas Licence to an Australian Licence:

  • Contact the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to find out what examinations or processes you will need to undertake depending on your original licence and ratings.

  • Obtain an Australian CASA Medical.

  • Pass an ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) English Language Proficiency Test (ELP) This test can be completed through Aspeq.

  • Pass the security checks to attain an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) or AVID

As each conversion is different, and different countries have different requirements, it is highly recommended that you contact the Civil Aviation Safety Authority with your details and request an outline of the requirements to convert your Licence. This way both you and the flying school are fully aware of all requirements.

More Information

We recommend that you read the CASA requirements on the below link to gain an insight on the process and steps required.


Your aviation career is cleared for takeoff

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