Sally Scott

CFI / Chief Pilot

Sally was born and raised in Newcastle and Sydney before moving to Far North Queensland with her family in 1990.  Sally learnt to fly at the NQAC in 1992 whilst still at school, and in late 1993 after completion of Year 12 started working in the office at the NQAC.  Obtaining a commercial pilots licence…

Bill Gronbeck

Grade 2 & Recreational Flight Instructor

Bill joined the team at NQAC in 2013 as a Recreational Flight Instructor and is now a Grade 2 Flight Instructor at the Mareeba Aerodrome. Bill works for NQAC on a part-time basis after retiring from a lengthy career flying F27′s.

Grade 2 Flight Instructor

Lauren is a Far North Queensland local who trained for her Private Pilot Licence with the North Queensland Aero Club in Cairns in 2007 and has remained a member of the club ever since. She joined the NQAC team in the office and as a casual charter pilot in 2018 before finishing her Instructor Rating…

Grade 3 Flight Instructor

Tyron gained his CPL in 1998 at the Royal Aero Club of WA and joined the NQAC in 2019 as a part-time Grade 3 Instructor. Tyron has a solid aviation background having previously instructed in Western Australia and working as a charter pilot flying around the Northern Territory. Tyron enjoys teaching and passing on the…

Grade 3 Flight Instructor

Nathan is a Cairns local who started learning to fly in 2010 with the NQAC in Cairns. Nathan is a Grade 3 Instructor who did his Instructor Rating with the NQAC. He joined the instructing team in 2019 after a long and distinguished career as a Diesel Mechanic. Nathan is the club’s full time Grade 3…

Administration Officer

Breeanna grew up on her parents cattle property at Wallumbilla, QLD. She moved to the Atherton Tablelands in 2014, where she was part owner of a business based in Kairi. Breeanna joined the NQAC part time in the office as the administration officer in April 2019.