If you wish to extend your qualifications further, the addition of a Command Instrument Rating (CIR), will be of maximum benefit. An instrument rating allows you to fly in just about any weather, using radio navigation aids and GPS for navigation instead of ground features. The addition of a CIR to your licence will greatly improve employability, and pilots who hold an instrument rating are highly regarded among their peers.

An instrument rating can be added to a Private licence or to a Commercial licence. The NQAC is currently offering Multi-engine Command Instrument Ratings in the Piper Seminole.

Mareeba is serviced by an RNAV whilst Cairns is serviced by NDB, VOR, VOR/DME, LLZ/DME, GPS and ILS approaches, meaning all your navaid endorsements can be done right here, without the need to travel too far.



$740.00 per hour

A CIR involves approximately 40 hours of instrument flying, around 13 of which may be conducted in a simulator to keep costs down.