A Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) is the dream of many aspiring pilots. Giving you the skills and authority to be able to work in the aviation industry as a Commercial Pilot.

LIO Batt Reef CPL Training
LIO Batt Reef CPL Training

CPL Course Requirements

A CPL is a big commitment involving lots of flying training, theoretical training and examinations. To qualify for the Commercial Licence, you will need to meet a number of requirements, be a minimum of 18 years old and able to hold a Class 1 medical.

CPL Course Overview

You will undertake dual flight training with an instructor, briefings, solo navigational flying and plenty of study. There are 7 commercial theory exams to complete, these can be done at your own pace and you have a 24 month period to complete the theory in from when you sit the first exam.

Once you meet all the requirements and have completed a Pre-Licence flight with an instructor you will sit your Commercial Flight Test.

A Commercial Pilot Licence will allow you be employed as a pilot. Depending on who you work for, you will then move up the ranks and start flying larger, more sophisticated aircraft on more complicated operations and routes.

Benefits for completing a Commercial Pilot Licence with the NQAC

Your choice of a flying school is very important when deciding to train for a CPL. The North Queensland Aero Club is one of the oldest and largest flying schools in Far North Queensland. The NQAC has been training commercial pilots for over 70 years with our graduates going on to have long and successful Airline and General Aviation Careers. This gives our students access to a wealth of knowledge, experienced instructors and mentoring from former students who are now working as commercial pilots.

One-on-one Training

Training with the North Queensland Aero Club also gives our students the benefit of one-on-one training at ALL stages of their Commercial Licence. You are able to work with your instructor through any questions or difficulty without delay and are never just another face in the crowd.

Range of Aircraft

At the NQAC CPL students will complete all of the Commercial Licence in a General Aviation aircraft and get to experience flying a range of aircraft including both high and low wing aircraft. Your final CPL training will be completed in our C172XP VH-SPW.

Broad Range of Cross Country Flying

Our students get to experience not only flying cross country into remote areas to different grass and dirt aerodromes but also controlled airspace. Our location has us ideally situated to train in the busy Controlled Airspace of the Cairns International Airport. Many new CPL holders will find themselves travelling to Northern Australia for their first jobs, our students have the added advantage of wet season experience which is not only valued by potential employers but allows our former students to make safe flying decisions in the face of the big wet in Northern Australia.

Graduate Support

The support does not stop with the completion of a CPL. At the NQAC we will support our graduates in finding their first job and beyond.

Commercial Pilot Licence Courses

There are two routes to a Commercial Pilot Licence with the NQAC.

Integrated 150 hour CPL: The integrated 150 hour CPL course must be completed within an 18 month time period. This is a structured course with achievement gates to be met during the 18 month period including a number of flying progress checks.

The requirements of the Integrated 150 hour CPL are as follows:

  • TOTAL HOURS: 150 hours.
  • COMMAND HOURS: 70 hours.
  • MAXIMUM COURSE TIME: 18 months.
    * The NQAC will require proof of your ability to fund this course within an 18 month period prior to 150 hour course commencement
    * For the 150 hour course as per a private ATO ruling obtained by the NQAC, August 2018.
  • Can I be employed as a pilot on completion? YES!

Flexible 200 hour CPL: The second option is our flexible 200 hour CPL course there is no time limit on this course. This allows you to train around your work and family commitments at your own pace. The course requires more hours to complete but this can be beneficial when seeking employment.

The requirements of the Flexible 200 hour CPL are as follows:

  • TOTAL HOURS: 200 hours.
  • COMMAND HOURS: 100 hours.
  • TAXATION: Subject to 10% GST.
  • Can I be employed as a pilot on completion? YES!

Integrated 150 hour CPL


approximate total cost of $59,000

involving 150 hours of flying.

This cost includes the cost for RPL and PPL in a range of different aircraft.

Flexible 200 hour CPL


approximate total cost of $72,000

involving 200 hours of flying.

This cost includes the cost for RPL and PPL in a range of aircraft.

CPL Endorsements

Once you have a CPL you may wish to gain additional endorsements or training to further your career. The NQAC can help with a number of advanced training options on offer including Twin Endorsements, Instrument Ratings, Retractable or even an Instructor Rating so you can train new pilots.

The Airline Transport Pilot's Licence (ATPL)

If you wish to fly for an airline, then you will require an Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATPL). This is something you train for – when you have the correct amount of hours (minimum of 1500) and have completed the necessary theory exams (another 7 exams), then you will “tick over” to an ATPL. This will allow you to fly as pilot-in-command of large passenger-carrying aircraft in regular public transport operations.