The addition of a Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) allows you to join the ranks of instructor and teach others how to fly. This is the perfect endorsement if you wish to enjoy a rewarding career as an instructor, or to build your hours for pursuits further down your career pathway. Instructors are often recruited into larger operations as check and training pilots – the crème de la crème of pilots.


Why learn to fly at a college amongst 30 other students, when you can have one-on-one experience with our crew of professional, friendly instructors, for the same price? You will do the majority of your training with the CFI, and not go through your training having never even met the CFI. It’s a personal experience, tailored to your exact needs. No other schools in Far North Queensland can offer you that experience.

Here at NQAC, we often provide casual or part-time employment to our Instructor Rating graduates on the completion of their rating to give them the experience of actually being an instructor.


What better place to obtain a Flight Instructor Rating than beautiful Far North Queensland? Here at Cairns International Airport, you are exposed to a wide range of controlled and non-controlled airspace procedures, meaning you get the best of both worlds. 90% of your training will take place in the Class C airspace at Cairns, giving you incredible exposure to controlled airspace procedures.

You will also experience flying in the tropics, around the beautiful reef and rainforest, and have your decision-making ability challenged during the wet season. All of this means you will be a better instructor at the end of the day.

To obtain an instructor rating, you must first hold a CPL with Night VFR or Command Instrument Rating. Upon completion of your instructor rating, you will be a qualified Junior Grade 3 Instructor.


The FIR involves 50 hours of dual flying, with 50 hours of briefing time also. Costs can be kept to a minimum if the rating is done with two candidates, as this will allow for mutual practice.



approximate total cost of $24,695


involving 50 hours of flying. This includes the final CASA test fee