The Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) authorises you to carry passengers on your flights.

Once you have passed the RPL you may carry passengers within 25nm of the departure aerodrome.

Before you undertake the RPL Flight Test you are required to achieve a pass in the Basic Aeronautical Knowledge theory examination, which can be completed at the North Queensland Aero Club.

Recreational Pilot Licence Flight Test

The RPL Flight Test will be conducted by a Flight Examiner to whom you must demonstrate your ability to competently manage the aircraft in all the basic phases of flight.

In most cases, the flight test is conducted by the CFI of the North Queensland Aero Club, who holds the appropriate CASA approval for flight testing.

A student who successfully completes the RPL is permitted to fly with instructor authorisation, within a 25 nautical mile range from the departure aerodrome, with passengers, by day only.