Trial Introductory Flights (TIF)

If you are undecided whether flying is for you, then the first step is to go on a Trial Introductory Flight, an unforgettable experience that gives you your first taste of flight.

When you first walk in to the North Queensland Aero Club, we will introduce you to one of our highly qualified flight instructors who will sit with you and explain the basic fundamentals of flight. After a discussion about the what makes an aeroplane fly you will have the opportunity to work with the instructor to carry out a pre-flight inspection to ensure the aircraft is ready for the flight before climbing aboard the pilots seat and taking to the skies above the Atherton Tablelands.

Your instructor will handle all radio calls and conduct the take off, once safely established in the cruise your instructor will hand over to you and let you fly the aeroplane, talking through what makes the aircraft climb and descend and turn. The instructor will then take over and bring you safely back to earth.

A Trial Flight voucher is an incredible gift for that person in your life who has always expressed an interest in flying but never quite knew where to start!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Trial Introductory Flight Take?

The full experience will last around 60 minutes. This includes ground briefing and the flight allowing time for any questions with your instructor.

What aircraft will I fly for my TIF?

  • C172 – This is a four seat Cessna training aircraft. We have three Cessna 172’s in our fleet.

Are there any age restrictions to do a Trial Flight?

There are no restrictions on the age to do a trial flight. The person completing the TIF must be of sound mind, be physically fit and be able to reach and fully manipulate the aircraft controls

What should I wear?

It is recommended that you wear a light cotton shirt and pants when flying as it can be warm in the cockpit.  Good quality closed in footwear is recommended. In the interests of comfort and movement pants are recommended over skirts or dresses.

We will provide you with an Aviation Headset for your flight which will ensure you have communication with your instructor.

Sunglasses are also recommended however it is best to avoid polarised types as they can interfere with reading some of the aircraft instruments.


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