60 Minute Scenic Flight

Climb aboard your own private aircraft with one of our experienced pilots as we take you on a historical tour of Atherton Tablelands. This flight is the ultimate way to experience the interesting colours and patterns of the Australian Landscape.

You will spend an hour in the air, taking in the Thornsborough/kingsborough Goldfield Ruins, Mt Mulligan,  Lake Mitchell and the Mareeba Township.

Thornsborough/Kingsborough Goldfields

Thornborough is a locality in the Tablelands Region in Queensland, Australia. It rose to prominence in the 1870s as a gold mining town in the Hodgkinson Minerals Area. Today, there are very few buildings remaining in the town. It is within the local government area of Shire of Mareeba.

Thornborough had two banks and two jewellers. Mining activities received a boost with the opening of the Cairns-Mareeba rail line in 1893 improving the area’s accessibility and the advent of cyanide refining technology.

Later, Thornborough acquired a courthouse, hospital, school of arts (500 volumes recorded in 1895) and a primary school. It was also the meeting place of the Woothakata local government board. The Woothakata Shire offices remained at Thornborough until 1919 when new ones were opened at Mareeba. The shire was renamed Mareeba in 1947.

The Hodgkinson Minerals Area was centred on the now abandoned towns of Kingsborough and Thornborough, 80 km west of Cairns.

Mount Mulligan

Mount Mulligan is a former mining town and rural locality in northern Queensland, Australia, the site of Queensland’s worst mining disaster.

A railway connected Mount Mulligan with Dimbulah on the Chillagoe Railway. It opened on 7 April 1915 and was officially closed in January, 1958.

It was a coal mining town from 1910 until 19 September 1921 when an underground explosion killed 75 miners (all the miners in the town). The mine closed, but reopened in 1923 and continued in production until 1957 when a hydro-electric scheme eliminated the need for the coal.

The town’s coal was mined from shafts dug into a Permian layer within the cliff face or escarpment of a large 18 kilometres x 6.5 kilometres free-standing conglomerate and sandstone massif (rising up to 400 metres above the township) known by the name given it by the small group of prospectors who first sighted it in 1874 while searching the Hodgkinson River for gold, under the leadership of James Venture Mulligan.

The conglomerate and sandstone massif known to local Djungan aboriginal peoples as Ngarrabullgan was given James Mulligan’s surname. The name Mount Mulligan was later given to the township that grew in the shadows of the massif’s escarpment.

The area of the township itself remains gazetted as a township, but is now a ghost town, with a single cemetery, a single occupied residence, the remains of a single chimney stack, and the overgrown remains of the once busy mining operations and electricity generator. At the 2006 census, Mount Mulligan and the surrounding area had a population of 55.

Mount Mulligan Post Office opened by July 1914 (a receiving office had been open from 1907) and closed in 1959. A Mount Mulligan Rail Post Office was open between 1916 and 1920.

Mount Mulligan is a truly spectacular attraction which is best viewed in the earlier hours of the morning, when the sun shines on the eastern face of the massifs escarpment, showcasing its rich red colour. In the wet season spectacular waterfalls can be seen tumbling over the face of the escarpment.

Lake Mitchell

The Southedge Dam, also known as the Quaids Dam and officially known as the Lake Mitchell Dam, is an eathfill-filled embankment dam across the Mitchell River located in Far North Queensland, Australia.

Opened in 1987 for the primary purpose of irrigation, the impoundment created by the dam is called Lake Mitchell and at full supply level has an active capacity of 129,000 megalitres.

Lake Mitchell is home to a large amount of bird life and is in close proximity to the Mareeba Wetlands which you will fly over on your way back to the Mareeba Airport.

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