Flight Training Syllabus - Private Pilot Licence

Phase One – Pre Solo



LessonBriefingDualSolo TimeInstrument
Effects of Controls1.01.0
Straight and Level Flight1.01.0
Climbing and Descending1.01.0

Take Off



Circuit Emergencies

Flapless Landings

Missed Approach


1.0 to 3.05.0
Circuits (First Solo)0.70.3
Circuits (solo checks)0.30.7
Circuits (Solo)1.0
Cross Wind Circuits / Glide Approaches1.0

Phase Two – Pre Area Solo

Advanced Stalls1.01.0
Forced Landings without Power1.01.0
Steep Turns1.01.0
Forced Landings without power and emergencies0.51.0
Forced Landings without Power (Solo)1.0


Phase Three – Recreational Pilot Licence Test

Steep Turns and Compass Turns1.01.0
Steep Turns and Compass Turns (Solo)1.0
Short Field Take off and Landing1.01.0
Precautionary Search1.01.0
Instrument Flight – Full Panel1.01.31.0
Instrument Flight – Limited Panel0.31.21.0
Solo Circuits or Training Area1.0
Pre RPL handout completed2.0
Pre RPL CheckAs Required1.5


Phase Four – Navigation Training

Pre Navigation Training Briefing5.0
Navigation Exercise OneAs Required2.5
Navigation Exercise TwoAs Required3.50.3
Navigation Exercise ThreeAs Required3.00.2
Navigation Aids (ADF/VOR)3.01.0
Navigation Exercise Four3.50.3
Navigation Exercise Five (ICUS)3.00.2
Navigation Exercise Six – Solo3.0
Navigation Exercise Seven – Solo2.5
Total8.0 +
Private Pilot Flight Test 3.0  

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“For once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will long to return”